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Home Automation Application


Home Automation Application does not seem related to General Health!
A Home Automation Application project will be evaluated fairly with other projects?

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    Hi kangsoft,

    Thanks for your question. We understand that there are many ways health apps can be integrated into everyday life - and that not all apples to apples. For that reason, we've split the prizes out into categories (see below). Each category will only compete against other entries within that category for the category grand prize.


    Wearable/Home Automation Applications: Includes health-related applications that integrate with fitness trackers, smart watches, GPS devices, light/ temperature control, home security, energy optimization, or other connected devices.

    Games: Includes health-related applications that gamify or entertain and educate users about their health.

    Wildcard/General Health Applications: Includes any social, SaaS, or enterprise application meant to help users, or enterprises, keep themselves and their employees healthy. Applications might include sharing of health stats, encouraging weight loss, social health applications, etc.

    Pre-Existing Health-related Application Migrated to OpenShift: Includes any health-related app that existed prior to the submission period. If your app existed prior to this date, you must submit to this category – even if you meet the requirements for other categories.

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